General Information

Maintaining and expanding a partnership network represents one of the strategic pillars of IIB’s activities and is an essential condition for its national (member states level) and international (global level) positioning that enables the IIB to make its impact as a multilateral development bank where it is needed the most.

Strong partnerships with development institutions, commercial banks, government bodies and other organisations enable the IIB to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations through exchange of experience and capacity-building, mobilisation of resources, development of new business opportunities and risk-sharing, thus contributing to a more successful implementation of its mission and mandate.

Cooperation with various types of institutions is of fundamental importance when trying to meet the many requirements for inclusive, sustainable growth and international integration. The Bank is currently implementing dozens of cooperation agreements and memoranda with various entities. In addition, the IIB Council Meetings always take place in association with public business events organised by the Bank that are gradually becoming an important platform for partners and businesses to reach out to the Bank and each other.

Overall, the means, through which the IIB can partner with other entities, include:

  • membership;
  • association;
  • observer status;
  • cooperation agreement;

and other forms of partnership.

For further inquiries, please contact IIB’s Department for International Financial Integration.