Government bodies

As a vehicle of international public policy, the Bank attaches great importance to the relations with its member states’ governments, with a special focus on collaboration with ministries and other government agencies in charge of public finance and economic development.

The IIB holds regular as well as ad hoc bilateral meetings with high-ranking officials of the shareholder states and enjoys strong administrative support in all IIB member states. These meetings also help the Bank to harmonise its operation plans and country strategies with the national programmes of socio-economic development. Moreover, government agencies representing IIB’s shareholders often give the Bank the opportunity to present its products and services to local companies – for example, corresponding presentations of the IIB were in the past supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and by the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania.

To this end, the IIB has been institutionalising its relationship with key government entities by concluding memoranda of cooperation – such documents have already been concluded with the following ministries:

- Ministry of Finance of Mongolia;

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;

- Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;

- and Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

These documents provide an institutional basis for regular consultations and interaction, as well as for direct involvement of the IIB in various national programmes.

For example, in the Russian Federation, the IIB has been included in the shortlist of leading commercial banks and IFIs that can participate in the government-sponsored Project Financing Programme. Similarly, as an international organisation the IIB has been a key participant in the project of the Moscow International Financial Centre (MIFC), hosting several meetings of the MIFC UK-Russia Joint Liaison Group with the IIB Chairman serving as a Deputy Co-Chairman of the format. In Mongolia, the IIB has been involved in programmes protecting the Przewalski’s horse and the Altai snowcock, supported by the Mongolian Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism.

Nevertheless, the Bank also holds bilateral and multilateral meetings and consultations with member countries’ representatives outside of such frameworks. Most notably, under the IIB’s umbrella, an informal Club of IIB member states’ ambassadors meets on a regular basis to be briefed about the Bank’s latest activities and plans, representing another channel supporting IIB’s ties with its shareholders.

The Bank is strongly supporting the deepening of economic relations between its member states – it is a regular participant in the sessions of the relevant bilateral intergovernmental commissions on economic and trade cooperation and in other platforms, which aim to enhance economic interaction between its countries.