Credit ratings

Fitch's move to positive outlook is now public —

Also, Dagong Europe's assigned A- rating is also public —

Long-term Issuer
Default Rating (IDR)
Short-term Issuer
Default Rating (IDR)
Outlook Date of Last Rating Action
- Stable 30.04.2018
«ВВВ+» «F1» Positive
«A-» «А-2» Stable


«A-» - Stable 09.09.2019

All four of the below rating agencies are registered with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), more information on the full list of recognized agencies here.

Official announcement of Moody’s

Moody’s IIB Credit analysis 2019 (NEW)

Official announcement of Fitch Ratings

Official announcement of S&P Global Ratings

Official announcement of Dagong Europe