Technical assistance fund

Slovak Republic – International Investment Bank Technical Assistance Fund was established at the initiative of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Finance in 2016. The main purpose of the fund is to finance the provision of advisory services and technical assistance in respect of the projects financed, or to be financed, by the IIB within the framework of the IIB’s mandate in the Beneficiary Countries that are specified as ODA – Official Development Assistance countries.

The Fund was established with the aim of supporting all sectors of the Bank's work including infrastructure, legal transition, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development. Slovak nationals or firms registered in the Slovak Republic are eligible to bid for projects supported by this Technical Assistance Fund.

The contribution to the Fund by Slovak Republic is EUR 1,000,000, Bank’s own resources used to finance assignments reaches EUR 245,000. The IIB is responsible for the management and administration of the Fund and perceives grant funding as a useful instrument that supports the roll out of project financing, providing additional funds to cover essential costs such as consultancy services, project preparation and supervision, advisory services and training of staff.

Basic facts about TAF

Concept and Framework Conditions