Ассоциации и другие организации

Apart from collaborating with other commercial and development financial institutions as well as government entities, the Bank is building and maintaining relationships with other types of entities, often with the aim of non-financial cooperation.


The IIB is a member of two regional associations of financial institutions, namely the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE) and the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP). In addition, the Bank also works with various national associations – these represent another channel, through which the IIB expands in partnership network and finds suitable projects in need of its support.

Importantly, these associations have recognised the positive impact of IIB’s operations:

  • the IIB was awarded by the BACEE for the Development of International Banking Cooperation (April 2015);
  • the IIB was awarded by the ADFIAP for its SME Support Programme (May 2015).

Furthermore, the Bank’s activities aimed at the development of local capital markets of its member states have also received high appraisal – after its RON 111m bond placement in Romania in October 2015 – the largest by any IFI in the past six years – the IIB received an award from the Romanian Stockbrokers’ Association.

The Bank also often participates in bilateral or national associations, especially chambers of commerce, such as the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

Other organisations

As a development bank, the IIB considers non-financial cooperation as an important part of its activities. Therefore, it is building up ties and developing partnerships with various think tanks, educational establishments and non-governmental organisation in general.

With this aim, the IIB signed a cooperation agreement with the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and it is seeking such arrangements with other educational institutions. Among other areas, these arrangements contribute to IIB’s research activities.

The Bank has also sponsored cultural events at museums or events, which represent key platforms within the discussions on the most important issues of today, such as the TATRA SUMMIT Investment Forum, one of the most important meeting of European policymakers in Central and Eastern Europe, organised by the Centre for European Affairs.