Project: Two-round public tender for the selection of general contractor for the conversion and renovation of the Lánchíd Palota

Description: International Investment Bank (IIB) plans to carry out the conversion, renovation and maintenance tasks of the monument-listed Lánchíd Palota located at Fő utca 1, 1011 Budapest.
To perform the above tasks, the IIB intends to mandate a general contractor who is capable of performing the task with both its own resources and subcontractors, according to enclosed “Notice of tendering”. IIB intends to conduct the tender in an open two-round tender procedure. Submission date for the first round offer is 14:00 (GMT+2) 04 September 2020. The IIB has the necessary financial resources and permits to carry out the construction. Language of the tender procedure is Hungarian and English.

Project documents: Notice of tendering

Zvolenska teplarenska, a.s. project

Sector: Municipal and environmental infrastructure.

Description: The International Investment Bank (the “IIB” or the “Bank”) is considering to provide a loan of up to EUR 30,9 million to the Zvolenska teplarenska, a.s. (“Company”) in the City of Zvolen (“Zvolen” or the “City”), located in the Central Slovakia.

The Bank’s financing is aimed to replace existing coal-powered CHP plant ceased to meet emission limits with wooden biomass fired heating plant including rehabilitation works, supply and installation of biomass and gas boilers. The Company plans to construct a new biomass-based district heating plant of total capacity currently planned at 77.5 MWt consisting of several heat-only boilers. The new DH plant will be located in already existing, but unused building on the main land of the Company near the existing heating plant and will be connected to the existing heat distribution network.

The rationale for the investment stems from the need to decrease the emission of SO2, NOX and dust in accordance with Directive 2010/75 / EU of the European Parliament and Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic No 410/2012. Continuing operations requires rebuilding the plant and installing modern technology, making it operational no later than on 30.6.2020. Since that date, the Company will no longer be able to use coal for heat generation because of regulatory constraints.

All contracts tendered under the project which are to be financed from Bank’s loan proceeds, will be executed according to the Bank internal procurement procedures compliant to the best international practices (in this case EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules or equivalent).

Project procurement plan



Contract type

Tender's start


DH plant rehabilitation works, supply and installation of biomass and gas boilers




Preparation of detailed designs, support with initial permits

Consultancy services



Review of feasibility study and designs

Consultancy services



Environmental and social regulation compliance

Consultancy services



Implementation support and contract administration

Consultancy services



Construction supervision, role of FIDIC engineer

Consultancy services



Initial procurement support

Consultancy services