Consultations in Bratislava

Consultations in Bratislava

The delegation of the IIB visited the European capitals of its member states. During the meeting with the management of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, which took place on April 3, the focus of attention were the issues of the current agenda of the IIB- the planned bond placement, the current condition of the loan portfolio and plans for further development of the operations in the member states.

The Chairman of the Board of IIB Nikolay Kosov thanked the Slovak delegation represented by its head, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic Vazil Hudak for his active participation and support of the Bank. The Slovak Republic was one of the first member state to perform its obligations in the terms of the recapitalization of the Bank.

There was considerable discussion of the issues concerning the preparation and the realization of the meeting of the Council of the Bank in Havana on May 8, 2014, on which the Slovak delegation will preside over. The key issues of the agenda of the up-coming meeting of the Council will be the signing of the Protocol of the amendments of the constituent documents of the IIB, the discussion of practical actions for maintaining and improving the Bank’s credit rating.

During the meeting, there was a presentation of the investment fund, created by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic to support the small and medium businesses and infrastructure projects on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Nikolay Kosov noted that such projects correspond to the strategy of the development of the IIB which stipulates the participation of the Bank in the capital of the investment funds to support the national economies of the member states and the development of the trade and economic cooperation between them. The IIB envisages with interest the opportunity of the participation in the fund which is being created. The parties have agreed on the elaboration of the prospects and conditions of the IIB’s participation in the fund at the expert level.