Notice to Bondholders, Creditors and Clients

— International Investment Bank (IIB, Bank) hereby further informs the participants of the IIB’s MTN Programme (MTN) of the following. Notwithstanding the facts that the MTN Principal Paying Agent, Transfer Agent and Registrar unilaterally resigned by only sending to IIB their notices: Citibank, N.A., London Branch – of its “resignation as Principal…  Read more

Notice of International Investment Bank

— Concluding the current year, International Investment Bank reiterates that unlawful US sanctions imposed on an international financial institution that carried out its business activities from the territory of an EU state continue to deprive predominantly European IIB’s investors, creditors and clients of the ability to replenish their financial losses.  Read more

Notice to Bondholders, Creditors and Clients

— The International Investment Bank hereby informs that on October 19, 2023 Hungary has become the last EU member state to withdraw from the membership in the Bank. The next day the IIB Board of Governors adopted a number of fundamental decisions aimed at further stabilisation of the Bank, including restoration of its corporate governance and its…  Read more

Notice to Bondholders, Creditors and Clients

— Further to the Bank’s previous statements and latest requests from our investors, IIB hereby reconfirms that it faithfully attempts to meet its contractual payment obligations under its EUR1.5b Medium-term Note (MTN) Programme. The Bank has undertaken numerous attempts to find a new paying agent (including before OFAC restrictions were imposed); to date…  Read more

Significant fact - Notice to Bondholders, Creditors and Clients

— Further to our previous statements, IIB hereby informs our bondholders that as a result of General License No. 69 issued by OFAC on May 31, 2023, the release of funds and transfer by one of the EU financial institutions to Citibank, N.A., London Branch (Principal Paying Agent under the IIB EUR1.5b EUR MTN Programme) made it possible for the IIB to fulfil the…  Read more
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