Consultations in Prague

Consultations in Prague

The delegation of the IIB headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board Denis Ivanov visited Prague on April 18. Consultations were held with the new Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic Martin Pros, who supervises the international relations sections.

During the meeting the delegation of IIB acquainted the Deputy Minister with the development strategy of the IIB till the year 2017, its course of realization in the context of the internal reform of the Bank, the increase of its resource base, the realization of the new credit policy including the one in the Czech Republic.

Mr. Pros learnt with interest about the priority activities of the Bank in the form of direct lending and investments in concrete projects as well as in the framework of the implementation of the Bank’s mission in the development of the trade and economic cooperation between the member states. Particular attention was given to the projects directed to the increase of the export potential of the Czech Republic.

There was a detailed discussion of the IIB’s short-term plans to issue ruble bonds and also a long-term funding program which envisages access to the capital markets of the member states.

The prospects of improving the IIB’s rating and also the role of the Czech Republic as the second largest shareholder which has in addition the highest credit rating among the member states were discussed. In this context, the preparations for the signing of the amendment protocol to the constituent documents of the Bank by all the member states were discussed in detail. The contribution of the Czech Republic in the modernization process of the documents was highly appraised — it was the Czech Republic that took an active part in this work.