IIB holds a series of events with leading Romanian businesses

IIB holds a series of events with leading Romanian businesses

Yesterday, delegation of the International Investment Bank held a series of one-on-one meetings combined with a business lunch with representatives of leading Romanian companies and a press meeting, and participated in the Top Global Alumni and CFA Event in Bucharest. Vladimir Liventsev, Deputy Chairman of the IIB Board responsible for loans and investments, and Denis Ivanov, Deputy Chairman of the IIB Board responsible for treasury, funding and structured finance, presented the Bank’s activities and its products to potential clients with the aim of advancing Romania’s status as one of the leading destinations of IIB’s investments this year.

The guests included Direct One, Happy Tour Group, MB Telecom, Altex, Charlemagne Capital and others. Participants expressed major interest in the Bank and the opportunities it offers in the form of individual solutions for long-term financing of business development coupled with access to highly interesting markets such as Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia or Cuba.

The renewed IIB has already achieved financial stability, at the same time significantly increasing and diversifying its activities, returning to the markets where it has been long absent, including Romania. In the second half of this year only, the IIB financed two Romanian entities, Romcab and Agricover Credit, and currently has active loan agreements in the country for a total sum of EUR 35 million. Several other projects are currently under consideration.

These and future investment activities in Romania have been recently additionally supported by IIB’s RON 111 million local bond placement, which also serves to help develop the Romanian debt capital market. Moreover, the Bank is an active investor in government securities, having bought EUR 123 million of Romania’s euro-denominated government bonds since 2008.

Yesterday’s meetings with companies at the forefront of the Romanian economy and IIB’s participation in the Top Global Alumni and CFA event should expand the Bank’s network of partners and clients, ultimately leading to an even larger share of Romania in the lending portfolio. The events also reflect IIB’s shifting focus towards financing of mid- to large-size corporates.