IIB Trade Windows in Česká spořitelna a.s.

IIB Trade Windows in Česká spořitelna a.s.

On November 7, 2018 International Investment Bank (IIB) following an invitation of Česká spořitelna a. s. executed its pilot training event “Trade Windows. Banks ” in Prague, Czech Republic. No wonder that this location was chosen for Czech Republic is one of the most active IIB member states carrying out trade operations with shareholder countries of the Bank (Mongolia, Russia, Cuba) and in other geographies, such as Republic of Belarus and Armenia.

International Investment Bank represented by Head of Trade Finance Division Mariia Minaeva and Vertes Balasz from European Regional Office presented a brief overview of the Bank’s current activities drawing special attention to the Bank’s lending and investment products, and shared experience related to loan operations and trade finance deals.

The event’s practical part was devoted to the IIB particular deals and cases with discussion on future cooperation between the two institutions that catched high interest of participants. There were around 20 representatives of Česká spořitelna a. s. that took part in the event from such departments as client relations, trade finance, banking guarantees and corresponding accounts.

Czech institution staff members informed their IIB colleagues of their own experience related to lending operations, including those in the area of trade finance, and expressed willingness to joint work on the search for mutually beneficial scopes of cooperation.

“Trade Windows. Banks” became IIB’s pilot project for banks in the “face-to-face” format. In order to form a friendly business environment and promote partnerships the Bank is ready to hold similar events for corporate clients (“Trade Windows. Corporates”) in a similar format.

International Investment Bank (IIB) was founded in 1970. Its current shareholders include Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Hungary, Mongolia, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Republic of Vietnam. As a result of the Bank’s successful activities in 2017 it was assigned a rating of BBB+ (stable outlook) by S&P Global, A3 (stable outlook) by Moody’s Investors Services, BBB (positive outlook) by Fitch Ratings and A (positive outlook) by Dagong.

Erste Group Bank AG (Erste Group) – the largest Austrian group in Central and Eastern Europe specializing in financial, insurance, investment and banking services.

Česká spořitelna, a. s. – a commercial bank in Czech Republic, part of Erste Group.