International Investment Bank lends to Eurohold Group

 International Investment Bank lends to Eurohold Group

The International Investment Bank signed a EUR 15 million loan agreement (EUR 10 million have been already disbursed) with the Eurohold Group, the Republic of Bulgaria. The financial resources are provided for a 7-year term and directed primarily to support the expansion of the Group’s operations in Romania.

It is of paramount importance that the IIB finances the development of the group of companies that have strategic interests in all five European member states of the Bank: the Republic of Bulgaria, the Slovak Republic, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The IIB further intends to adhere to such an approach and focus on financing multilateral projects in the territories of several countries and fostering economic cooperation between them.


Eurohold is one of the largest multi-purpose Bulgarian holding companies. It was founded in 1995 with the headquarters in Sofia. It has strategic interests in such sectors as manufacturing, financial services, insurance, vehicle leasing and trade. Beyond this EuroHold deals with restructuring and governance of its subsidiaries as well as investment and funding other business entities being shareholder thereof.