IIB: "Green" bank in the "green office"


The International Investment Bank (IIB), within the framework of fulfilling its mandate of the multilateral development bank, invariably pays much attention to the issues of environmental protection and ecology.

In accordance with the provisions of the IIB Strategy, which implies, in particular, compliance with environmental interests of member countries, the Bank aims to accumulate its "green" portfolio in its credit and investment activities, considering projects related to the fields of "green" industry, "clean" technologies and renewable energy.

The corporate social responsibility programs and grant activities of the Bank are also of the nature of environmental protection, and are aimed primarily at protecting and conserving the planet's water resources.

Under the auspices of IIB, educational events are regularly conducted to raise awareness of the Bank's employees, its shareholders and observers as well as representatives of partner organizations on the most important factors of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

An unaltered, principal and sincere endeavor to provide comprehensive protection of the environment in the implementation of all the Bank's activities is one of the Bank’s key corporate brand values.

In particular, for several years the Bank has successively introduced in its Headquarters and representative offices the concept of a "green office" – management principles of business environment aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the environment through rational use and saving of resources – heat and electricity, water and paper as well as the proper disposal of potentially hazardous waste. This systematic activity is a clear confirmation that environmental principles and approaches have already become an integral part of the day-to-day work of the Bank's international team.

In 2017, the Bank within the framework of the concept “Green Office of the IIB” implemented such important initiatives as introduction of the electricity and water consumption accounting system, transition to the use of energy-efficient lighting devices, regulation of energy consumption in accordance with the established operating mode, introduction of comprehensive program to reduce the use of paper, particularly, by reducing the number of printers and switching to two-sided printing, installation of software for recording print statistics as well as active use of electronic means in the Bank.

All this allowed to reduce, in comparison with 2016, the specific consumption by the Bank (without taking into account organizations-tenants) of electricity by 7.6% and water by 21.5%.

In order to reduce the negative impact of the Bank's daily operations on the environment, work has begun to install new treatment facilities of the building.

On a regular basis, with the involvement of special licensed firms, measures are being taken on the disposal of potentially hazardous office waste. In particular, 1 ton of obsolete office equipment and 2200 fluorescent lamps were transferred for recycling.

In 2017, the Bank continued to introduce the practice of separate collection of used office paper transferred for recycling (transferred over 2.6 tons), and concluded an agreement with a printing house that prints on recycled paper.

Moreover, at the end of the year two containers were installed in the headquarters of the Bank for the centralized collection of used household power sources, which are actively used by both employees of the IIB and tenants. By now, more than 60 kg batteries, accumulators from cell phones have been collected.

The International Investment Bank intends to continue its activities towards environmental protection and ecology in all areas of its work.