ROSEXIMBANK and International Investment Bank: Russian Day Goes On

ROSEXIMBANK and International Investment Bank: Russian Day Goes On

Following the agreement with SME Bank the IIB signed a contract for providing a loan in the amount of EUR 10 million to Eximbank of Russia (ROSEXIMBANK) to finance foreign trade operations of the Russian companies.

In line with the IIB’s new loan policy ROSEXIMBANK, as well as its analogues in other member states of the IIB, is a natural partner in developing national export oriented segments of industrial production. ROSEXIMBANK is supported by the government and is an important element of the Russian government corporation for development.

Addressing the IIB’s employees and later the participants of the extended meeting of the board, Head of ROSEXIMBANK Nikolay Gavrilov underlined that cooperation with the IIB, which unites traditional foreign trade partners of Russia, can strengthen international cooperation and give the member states of the Bank additional opportunities on the developing countries' markets.

The Heads of the two Banks discussed concrete projects and agreed on a plan of joint actions on their implementation. Chairman of the Board of ROSEXIMBANK informed the IIB managers on forms and ways of government support of the Russian export and on the plans of the Bank to pay attention only to such a socially significant aspect as the support of SMEs. This task fully corresponds to the priorities of IIB’s new loan policy.

The parties decided to hold regular consultations on the projects in the sphere of common interests, including the development of cooperation in syndicated lending.

IIB’s Chairman of the Board Nikolay Kosov invited top-managers of ROSEXIMBANK to participate in the presentation of the IIB and its partners, which is going to take place after the Bratislava summit on June 7 in the capital of the Slovak Republic.