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IIB on Russia-24

IIB on Russia-24

Source: Россия-24
In the Republic of Karelia, works were launched on the construction of two hydropower plants (Byeloporozhskaya HPP-1 and Byeloporozhskaya HPP-2) with a total capacity of 49.8 MW – the first investment project on the territory of Russia by the New Development Bank (NDB), created by the BRICS countries. According to the approved scheme, two multilateral financial institutions, the International Investment Bank (IIB) and the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), are directly financing the…  Read more

DENIS IVANOV, BANCA INTERNAŢIONALĂ DE INVESTIŢII: "Potenţialul băncilor comerciale să finanţeze IMM-uri a scăzut, după criză"

Source: Bursa
A consemnat ADINA ARDELEANU * "Trendul de înfiinţare a instituţiilor financiare internaţionale, în creştere rapidă" * "IIB este în afara politicii" * (Interviu cu domnii Denis Ivanov, vicepreşedinte la Banca Internaţională de Investiţii, şi Alexandru Florescu, vicepreşedinte al conducerii executive a băncii) International Investment Bank (IIB) este gata să analizeze, spre finanţare, proiecte care sunt prioritare pentru Guvernul României, după ce a atras, recent, 300 de milioane de…  Read more

"IIB Interested in Selling Bonds in Euros in Romania", Ivanov Says

By Irina Vilcu (Bloomberg) The International Investment Bank is interested in selling euro-denominated bonds in Romania as debt sales in the lender’s member states are better suited to its needs than an international Eurobond issue, a bank official said. The bank, which raised 300 million lei ($75 million) in 2019 bonds in Romania last week, is already working with arrangers and regulators here on ways to sell more bonds locally, especially euro bonds, Deputy Chairman of IIB’s board Denis…  Read more
Disruption is normally seen as being bad news for incumbents. This is not necessarily the case.

Disruption is normally seen as being bad news for incumbents. This is not necessarily the case.

Source: Financial IT
The previous edition of Financial IT provided a comprehensive overview of Blockchain. This edition of Financial IT, whose publication coincides with the Sibos conference taking place in Geneva on 26-29 September, covers the other main source of disruption for financial services executives. If that other source could be summarised in one word, that word would be: FinTechs.  Read more