Demand for IIB’s investment products and services confirmed in Romania’s regions

Demand for IIB’s investment products and services confirmed in Romania’s regions

The International Investment Bank (IIB) actively promotes cooperation with Romanian regions. At Romania’s invitation, on February 24 the delegation of the Bank led by the Deputy Chairman of the IIB Board, Alexandru Florescu, held a series of meetings with companies from the Romanian region of Transylvania regarding financing for their investment projects, and presented its products during the business seminar “Financing opportunities for business in Romania” in the city of Cluj-Napoca.

The seminar – attended by around 80 representatives of the Romanian business community – took place with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance, the Romanian Association of Exporters and the city administration of Cluj-Napoca. It was a continuation of a similar meeting held with the participation of IIB’s management in Bucharest in January 2016.

The main aim of the seminar was to contribute to the dialogue between the international financial institutions, which include Romania as a member, and the local enterprises interested in financial assistance for their daily business, development of international cooperation and trade. This was said at the opening of the event by its moderator, the head of the Romanian delegation in the IIB Council and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Finance, Attila Gyorgy.

A. Florescu presented IIB’s products and services, also noting the Bank’s successful entry on the debt capital market of Romania. “Due to its geographical composition, the IIB provides unique opportunities for Romanian clients to expand their business both domestically and in other member countries of the Bank", – he stressed.

Along with the IIB, there were also presentations by the Bank’s traditional partners – the European Investment Bank, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the International Bank for Economic Co-operation and EximBank Romania.

In 2015, the Romanian direction of IIB’s activities gained a new momentum. The Bank has been consistently increasing the volume of investments in Romania and regularly presents its financial products and services to local businesses. Currently, IIB’s signed loan investments in the country amount to EUR 35 million with a promising pipeline. Last year the Bank placed its debut bond issue on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the amount of RON 111 million – in relation to this placement, the Romanian Stockbrokers’ Association awarded the IIB for contribution to the development of the country’s corporate bonds market.