Notice to Bondholders, Creditors and Clients

International Investment Bank (IIB, Bank) hereby further informs the participants of the IIB’s MTN Programme (MTN) of the following.

Notwithstanding the facts that the MTN Principal Paying Agent, Transfer Agent and Registrar unilaterally resigned by only sending to IIB their notices:

  • Citibank, N.A., London Branch – of its “resignation as Principal Paying Agent and Transfer Agent in respect of the Programme and any outstanding Series of Notes issued thereunder”, and
  • Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG – of its “resignation as Registrar in respect of the Programme and any outstanding Series of Notes issued thereunder”, –

the Bank continues to receive regular payment claims and confirmation requests under MTN.

In this regard, IIB once again has to invite attention of its MTN participants (including esteemed investors in IIB Notes) to the fact, that the situation with the Bank’s accessible liquidity didn’t become any better lately, meaning that IIB’s assets in EU still remain unlawfully frozen/blocked by well-known financial institutions.

Synchronously, IIB has to remind that any application to US OFAC, which imposed unprecedentedly unlawful sanctions against an intergovernmental institution governed by the international public law, for a license is literally senseless due to the lack of workable financial infrastructure as everyone involved had the opportunity to witness last year.

IIB, with its unwavering willingness to pay off its creditors, is still unable to do so for the above obvious reasons. Therefore, again, we encourage our investors to act according to the circumstances and utilize their own leverage to facilitate IIB to fulfill its obligations, thereby ensuring a return on their investment. Subsequently, IIB would be ready to fulfill its obligations towards creditors, investors and other parties in full once the necessary conditions appear and continues to make every effort to protect the interests of those mentioned out of court.

We also take this opportunity to draw attention of investors in IIB Notes ISIN XS2314258968 payable on March 18, 2024, that funds covering nearly full amount of this issue remain unilaterally withheld by MBH Bank Nyrt, Hungary through the highly questionable “Set-Off” operation performed (for IIB Notes XS2237392027, XS2314258968) more than eight months back without the consent of the Issuer. The latter notified Citibank, N.A., London Branch of this matter with no effect so far.