Notice of International Investment Bank

Concluding the current year, International Investment Bank reiterates that unlawful US sanctions imposed on an international financial institution that carried out its business activities from the territory of an EU state continue to deprive predominantly European IIB’s investors, creditors and clients of the ability to replenish their financial losses.

Former European members of the Bank shall be well aware about its sufficient financial cushion that continues to be also unlawfully withheld by Euroclear and other numerous EU financial institutions as a matter of their own interpretation of secondary sanctions. Multiple attempts of the Bank to restore the access to its own funds via negotiations with relevant European entities and authorities did not render any results so far. Despite this, IIB will not abandon attempts to achieve justice by any available means. Meanwhile, the persistence of such situation, besides continuously damaging the interests of all involved parties per se, is depriving IIB from development of its relevant financial base.

In this context and in the interests of all parties, the Bank once again calls on the governments of its former European member states that have lately left IIB to take a firm stance on lifting US sanctions and active position on unblocking the Bank`s assets.

International Investment Bank reiterates its commitment to high international standards on financial markets and confirms the determination to fulfill its obligations towards creditors, investors and other parties once the necessary conditions appear.