IIB expands its international staff with Hungarian professionals following headquarters relocation

IIB expands its international staff with Hungarian professionals following headquarters relocation

International Investment Bank is strengthening its team and on the basis of international competition has selected new highly qualified specialists who have joined IIB in its Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.

Bácsi Ferenc

Bacsi Ferenc graduated from Budapest University of Economic Sciences where got a degree of economist. Mr. Bacsi has more than 40 years of professional experience in the Ministry of Finance of Hungary.

Since 1978 he was responsible for cooperation with IIB and participated in the ECAR and the IIB Council meetings, was the Chairperson of the IIB Audit Committee.

Mr. Bacsi was actively involved into the process of renewal of Hungary's membership in IIB, and made a contribution to elaboration of the Bank's strategic development plan and proposals for the relocation of the Bank's Headquarters. He received a state award signed by the President of Hungary.

In May 2019, Ferenc joined IIB as a Counselor to the Management Board. His main responsibilities involve support of the Bank's Headquarters relocation, work on projects of Strategic development in Hungarian direction.

Lengyel Jelena

Jelena Lengyel graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and got additional education in Hungary at KOTK courses afterwards. Mrs Lengyel has more than 20 years of experience in the banking sphere and other sectors of economics.

Since 2001, she held a position of Regional Operations Manager at the Egis Pharmaceutical PLC in Hungary, before that she worked at the Banking Association of Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE) in Brussels and other organizations.

In May 2019, Mrs Lengyel has joined IIB as an Office Manager at Board Administration. Her main responsibilities include administrative-and-household support of the Bank’s office, interaction with contractors, participation in administrative support of the Bank’s management activities.

Katona Richard

Richard Katona graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest, where he got MS in International Studies with major in Diplomacy and Master’s Degree in Economics with major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

He has more than 7 years of professional experience within anti-money laundering, corporate intelligence and compliance fields in banking and consulting sectors of business. Since 2017, Mr. Katona was holding a position of Compliance AML/KYC Expert at Sberbank Hungary Ltd., Budapest. He was in charge of conducting internal audits, implementing KYC compliance procedures, preparation of compliance reports and AML investigations of transactions and customers. Prior to that Richard worked in Citibank and KPMG.

Richard Katona has joined IIB as a Chief Specialist at Compliance Department. His main responsibilities include implementation of measures to prevent fraud and misconduct regarding the Bank's staff and counterparties, realization of DD and KYC procedures on the counterparties of IIB, monitoring of compliance risks for the Bank's activities.

Homoki Kristóf Richárd

Homoki Kristóf Richárd graduated from the National Research University-Higher School of Economics Saint Petersburg, majoring in international business and management. During his studies he won the Young Talent of Hungary scholarship in 2016, and got the special scholarship of the Ministry of Human Resources in 2018.

Mr. Homoki previously worked as a project manager for Cartographia Hungary, as a trainee in the sales department of the Richter Gedeon, Russia, as a trainee in the field of foreign affairs at Consulate General of Hungary in Saint Petersburg.

In May 2019, Kristof has joined IIB as a Specialist of Protocol Service at Board Administration. His main responsibilities include interaction with the competent authorities of Hungary to provide visa and registration support for Bank employees, participation in the organization of business trips of Bank employees, participation in the organization of protocol events, meetings of collegial bodies, conferences, business appointments and other events.