IIB expertise is now available to the participants of international financial markets: the IIB has launched its new individual page on the Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal

IIB expertise is now available to the participants of international financial markets: the IIB has launched its new individual page on the Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal

As part of the established partnership relations between the International Investment Bank (IIB, Bank) and Thomson Reuters, the Bank publishes a wide range of financial information and data that represent a significant value for the participants of international currency and securities markets.

In particular, the IIB provides information on the quotations of 25 corporate bonds and Eurobonds that the Bank holds in its portfolio, publishes spot and cross exchange rates, fixings, full forward exchange rates and swap points in four currency pairs: USD/RUB, EUR/RUB, EUR/RON, EUR/CZK. Users of Thomson Reuters Eikon can also access the data on the IIB’s forward curve. The IIB’s forward curve provides the representatives of the global financial community with valuable data that allow them to make quick decisions in the financial markets.

In order to accumulate a unique content, in August 2018 the IIB launched its own individual page on the Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal. Since recently, it is available to all registered users of the system in a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, and can be found by searching for the key words “INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK”.

“The IIB is a modern and state-of-the-art international development institution that is able to generate significant amounts of valuable financial information and develop powerful analytical instruments in demand all over the world,” said Peter Morgunov, Head of the IIB’s ALM Department. “In partnership with Thomson Reuters, we have an opportunity to share our expertise with the participants of international financial markets and, as a development bank, consider it part of our mission to provide this up-to-date and exact information to them so that they can make the right decisions.”

Yevgeny Rasskazov, acting managing director of Thomson Reuters, said: “We always try to provide fast and reliable information, technological solutions and expertise to our clients and partners, and launching the IIB’s individual page on the Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal contributes well to the development of this principle.”

Thomson Reuters Eikon is an intuitive information terminal built on cutting-edge technologies. Thomson Reuters Eikon helps make balanced decisions on deals in financial and goods markets, provides the user with an up-to-date information about prices, events, and opinions, and allows the users to analyze historical time series to better understand the current status of the market. The information terminal uses a powerful search technology, which allows for quick searching for the necessary data, and the flexibility of the terminal interface allows the user to adjust the system according to their individual preferences and specifics of their working process. Users of Thomson Reuters Eikon represent a professional community, which allows them to be always in touch with their colleagues, international financial market specialists and experts, as well as with their clients and counterparties all across the world.

The International Investment Bank is a multilateral development institution. The Bank’s member states are the Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Cuba, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The Bank’s main activities are loan and investment financing aimed at the implementation of socially significant infrastructure projects in the Bank’s target geographical areas, active support for small and medium enterprises and export-import operations that contribute to the strengthening and development of the member states’ economic integration. The Bank can conduct direct financing of projects, act in partnership with other international development institutions as well as work through leading national government-owned financial institutions, development banks and export-import agencies. The IIB is the highest-rated international development institution headquartered in Russia and is part of an elite club of A-rated international development banks.