Small and medium-sized enterprises

In accordance with the IIB Development Strategy, the mission of the Bank is to promote social and economic development, prosperity and economic cooperation between member states.

SME sector is a priority for all the member states and is regarded as a catalyst for economic growth, innovation and progress. The increase of SMEs contribution to GDP is one of the priorities for the IIB member states' economic development.

SMEs are a leading sector of a market economy determining economic growth rates, structure and quality of GDP, as well as employment growth. This sector forms a basis for modern market infrastructure, for it primarily generates a competitive economic environment.

The SME sector creates an intricate network for enterprises, which operate generally in local markets and are directly connected with mass consumers of goods and services. This, together with small sizes of such enterprises, their technological, production, and managerial flexibility, allows to respond in a timely manner to changing market conditions.

Taking into account the above, the IIB focuses its activities on co-operation with leading international and national financial institutions in implementing joint projects related to the support of the SME sector.