Trade and economic cooperation

International Investment Bank pays special attention to multilateral projects that promote the development of trade and economic cooperation between IIB member states.

We distinguish several measures for supporting trade and economic cooperation:

• Financing of multilateral (including integrational) export-import projects with the participation of economic operators from several IIB member states;

• Financing of projects aimed at the sustainable development of IIB member states;

• Financing of exporters of goods and services with high added value and supporting them in entering foreign markets (including third countries markets);

• Support for import in IIB member states if such import contributes to the sustainable development of member countries and if it complies with such priorities as innovation, modernization and resource-saving.

IIB also uses following ways of supporting trade and economic cooperation:

• Short-term financing of foreign trade contracts through international financial institutions and commercial banks in order to support export-import transactions (short-term pre-export financing and import financing).

• Irrevocable off-balance sheet commitments for up to 2 years (bank guarantees / counter-guarantees / standby letters of credit / unconditional reimbursement obligations) on behalf of the financial institutions belonging to IIB member states in favor of economic operators in other countries, as well as on behalf of financial institutions of third countries for the benefit of economic operators of IIB member states which export goods / services in these third countries.