Financing of intermediaries

We provide target financing to intermediaries from among financial institutions for the purposes of further support of end borrowers:

Small and medium-sized enterprises;

— Companies from the public sector;

Financing may be provided for the support of the following activities:

— Innovation and modernization;

— Saving resources and energy efficiency;

— Ecology and «clean» technology;

— Mutual exchange of experience and technology among the IIB member states, including but not limited to development of export-import operations.

Terms and conditions

The IIB carefully chooses financial intermediaries that must carry on financial activities in an IIB member state, have a good business reputation, have an operational experience in financing the target sector of economy, have a stable financial position confirmed by auditors' reports. In addition, the IIB checks the conformance of the target programme of a financial intermediary to the IIB’s principles and priorities.

The financial and other terms and conditions for a financial intermediary are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the purpose of provision of financing, type of financing, contracting parties, transaction structure and collateral.

The decision concerning the provision of financing to end borrowers in each case shall be made by a financial intermediary at its own discretion, taking into account an assessment of risks, correspondence of the purpose of the loan to the IIB’s terms and conditions, and other factors. This being the case, the IIB constantly monitors the proper use of the funds by a financial intermediary.

Application for funding