Investments in equity and investment funds

We invest in corporate capital, as well as in investment funds

When we invest in corporate capital or investment funds, we pay special attention to the correspondence of the object of financing to the principles of ensuring the sustainable development of the IIB member states.

We support the following activities:

Small and medium-sized enterprises;

— Innovation and modernization;

— Saving resources and energy efficiency;

— Ecology and «clean» technology;

— Mutual exchange of experience and technology among the IIB member states, including but not limited to development of export-import operations.

Terms and conditions of provision of financing

When we invest in corporate capital, an obligatory condition is the establishment of a clear strategy of withdrawal of the investment. The financial and other terms and conditions of investments in corporate capital, as well as in investment funds are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the purpose of provision of financing and the transaction structure.

Application for funding