Support of export-import operations

Support for export growth of goods and services from IIB member states and mutual investments facilitation is among tools for implementing our mission.

The IIB implements its mission:

• contributing to the establishment of economic relations between business entities of the member states, also at regional level, in particular, via project implementation with the participation of several countries;

• supporting the increase of exports from the member states and promoting the growth of mutual investments.

When implementing the export-import support program, the IIB takes into consideration individual specific features of each member state, counterparty and project selection criteria, and the focus on creating added value and sustainable development of the member states. The support provided to borrowers in one member state can contribute to the development of exports from other member states of the Bank.

Under the export-import support program, IIB applies both single and two-tier lending approach: in first case financing is provided directly to an exporter or importer within project financing, in the latter case support is provided through the system of agents (financial intermediaries).

In addition to selection of the IIB counterparties based on general and financial criteria, the Bank sets a list of criteria to the target use of funds and carries out continuous monitoring of such criteria in respect of deals and tranches.

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