Trade finance instruments

The TFSP can be used to guarantee export/import transactions between IIB Member States and other countries.

The following instruments may be provided by IIB under the Programme:

1. Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertakings (IRUs) can be issued by the order of issuing banks in favour of confirming and financing banks under:

► documentary letters of credit with payment at sight;

► deferred payment LCs;

► LCs with postfinancing/discounting.

2. Irrevocable Banking Guarantees/SBLCs can be issued:

► as securing of issuing banks obligations under LCs;

► under counter-guarantees / authorizations of partner banks to support importers, exporters or distributors from IIB member states;

► to partner banks as securing of trade related loans under trade contracts with IIB member states;

3. Counter-guarantees can be issued by the order of issuing banks in favour of other partner banks or exporters, importers and/or distributors.

4. Revolving credit facility

► Short-term Trade related loans to the banks exclusively for the purpose of pre- and post-shipment finance for the performance of foreign trade contracts with IIB member states.

5. Other trade finance products:

► IIB issues other trade finance products proposing its financing.

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